May 9, 2021

Seller Prospecting: Circle Prospecting Script

In this lesson, we're going to talk through some circle prospecting techniques and strategies that will enable you to identify future seller leads.

Now, once you take a listing within a subdivision that I’m going to encourage you to contact all of the other neighbors within that particular subdivision. And here’s what you’ll say.

Hi, this is Shon Kokoszka with XYZ Realty. The reason for the call is I just listed the home right around the corner at one 23 main street for X number of dollars. It’s got four bedrooms, four bathrooms, the three car garage. And the reason I’m calling is because of our extensive marketing plan that we employ when marketing this home for sale, we’ve identified many buyers who would like to purchase the home within our neighborhood. Now I’m curious, have you yourself, or do you know any of your neighbors who are considering selling their home for sale to take advantage of the buyers that we’ve generated for our neighborhood?

Now? Chances are, they’ll say no, I can’t think of anybody. Then I want you to narrow your focus directly at them and ask the question. Well, if you were to move, where would you go next? Interesting. And why is that important to you? I love it. So tell me when might that be? They might say a year, if that’s the case, put them on a drip campaign and follow up with them within six months, divide whatever time that is by two, and then follow up with them aggressively. Now take the simple strategy, implement it, and I promise you you’re going to develop more buyer and more seller leads from your farm area.

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