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Take your real estate team to the next level with ICON Coaching, created by billion dollar agent & former KW Maps President Shon Kokoszka. Our real estate coaching programs teach you how to generate more leads, win more listings, and close more sales than you ever thought possible!

We’ll show you how to effectively leverage your time & energy to maximize your commissions, and our real estate coaching helps you combine timeless real estate sales techniques with cutting edge technologies to increase your production and maximize your ROI!

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Legendary Clients
The RealTrends 100 Top Teams

Mark Spain. Lance Loken. Ricky Carruth. These industry leaders are at the top of the RealTrends 100 list of the nation’s top agents & teams, and they have one thing in common: they’ve all been coached by Shon Kokoszka, using a proven system based on 25 years of success.

Shon is the former president of Keller Williams MAPS Coaching and MAPS Business Training – the #1 training organization in the world. He helped create the KW BOLD coaching program and “The One Thing” training curriculum. His coaching expertise is second to none.

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Increase Production
With Accelerated Breakthrough

Most of real estate is learned while on the job, and it can take years to figure out the tricks of the trade and build a portfolio. Even seasoned agents can learn new tools, scripts & techniques to take their game to the next level, which is what makes real estate coaching so valuable.

Join Shon and our panel of all-star top producers as they tackle the toughest challenges in real estate and give you straight talk on how to grow your business. Every week we discuss a new topic ranging from lead-generation and team-building strategies to the latest tools & technologies.

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Improve Recruiting
With Attraction In Action

Join real estate legends and top-producing guest speakers for our free agent attraction event hosted by Shon Kokoszka! We’ll walk you through proven, practical strategies to rapidly growing your eXp network and quickly add revenue share – including where to concentrate your efforts to maximize your results.

We’re going to teach you what it takes to attract agents to our business model, including how to present, what to tell them, and whom you should be talking with to maximize your agent network growth. If you want to grow your network & build passive income, watch this exclusive online Zoom event today!

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Client Reviews

“I've been kind of casual about real estate for the last year and a half, and now I have been given some phenomenal tools to take my, my career from casual to full-time professional, and I'm super excited.”

Jennifer Andrews

“I would absolutely recommend Shon. It's a great investment of time and money, and I think you'll find the challenge of being a coaching client of Shon's is deciding how big you want to become.”

Ronnie Margolis