Train The Trainer Program

Mastering The Latest Interactive Instructional Methods And Accelerated Training Approaches To Become An Effective And Inspirational Trainer. This course is specifically targeted to trainers who are looking at improving their training skills, or those want to start their career as an expert trainer.

Course Overview

You are a knowledgeable and highly skilled professional. However, in spite of being an expert, you are not comfortable while conducting a training session. You would like to be more spontaneous and engaging and have vibrant discussions with your class. Does that sound familiar?
This situation is quite common with trainers. While being experts in their domain, they get frustrated that their trainees are not learning as per the objectives of the program.And there’s a simple reason for that. The best trainers know that more than core skills, it’s important to understand and master the latest training techniques in the industry.
This course is specifically targeted to trainers who are looking at improving their training skills, or those want to start their career as an expert trainer. If you want to stand out as an expert and as an efficient trainer, then this is the course for you. This objective of this course is to enable you to deliver interactive training that truly connects with your audience. We will also provide you with cutting-edge techniques for planning, logistics, preparation, and training delivery. Most important, it will enable you to be a strong and confident public speaker, who keeps his or her audience engaged and committed.

This training features the latest in Accelerated Learning techniques and latest templates used in the Training Industry

What You Will Learn

We know that you are an expert in your domain. And we know you know that more domain expertise, you need that “little extra depth” which would make you an efficient trainer.
Here are a few of the topics that will provide you that extra boost while delivering the training
  • Understanding learning theories, and the key concepts on learning retention.
  • Accelerated Learning techniques that will help the participants learn faster and retain information for longer.
  • Presentation skills that will help you be to be more confident, engaging, and interactive with your students.
  • Mentoring skills that will help your engage with your students on a one-on-one basis.
  • Course designs skills which help you customize the training, depending on the skills levels of your students.
  • Techniques and checklists for course preparation and planning, so that you can arrange for a seamless and organized training session.
  • The importance of body language and voice control. Explain how the professionals use gestures and voice to communicate and control the audience.
  • Detailed Guidance on Visual Aids, Props, and PowerPoint strategies.
  • Scenarios and examples to keep your audience engaged through the training
  • Inputs and suggestions on how to handle difficult questions, and challenging participants
  • Story Telling and humour
…and much more.
We also provide a set of standard templates that you can use to create your own customised training courses.
This is not a theory-based course. We understand that as a trainer, you need practical exercises and “real life” scenarios in your training. Therefore, we have ensured that the training has a lot of hands-on exercises and practical tips. At the completion of the program, you will be ready to design and conduct your own training sessions.

How Does Your Business Benefit?

Your employees are your biggest asset. They will translate your vision into reality. In order to achieve your business goals, you need to ensure that your employees are well-trained, motivated and productive.

Few key benefits of our Training Program…

  • Well-trained employees have better skills; and better skills means higher productivity in their job roles.
  • Well-trained employees have a better regard and appreciation of their organization culture, and will represent your organization with more professionalism.
  • Your training team will be much better equipped, confident, and prepared for conducting training. As a result, they will show continuous interest in growing and developing newer employees in the organization.
  • Training is an important incentive and a powerful engagement tool. Your employees will appreciate the opportunities for skills enhancement and overall growth.
  • How to command respect as a disseminator of knowledge

Who Will Benefit from The Training?

Your training team is a huge “enabler” for skills enhancement. Anybody who is involved in training, learning development, and skills enhancement will benefit from this course.
We have been conducting this training for a huge set of clients. People from different backgrounds, different levels, and different industry verticals have attended the program, and reported significant gains. Individuals have displayed improvement in skill levels, and organizations have shown their business goals to be met.

Who Should Attend this Training program?

  • Trainers
  • Training Managers, and employees in the Learning Teams
  • Managers and Supervisors at all levels of the organisation
  • Coaches and those in a mentoring role
  • Employees with responsibilities for training or passing on knowledge and skills to their peers

How Is The Course Delivered?

We will first conduct a detailed analysis of the current skills in your organization. After an initial consultation with your business on your business goals, we will develop an understanding of the skill level mix of the group and the desired business outcomes that you are seeking. Once that’s done, we will design a custom training plan for you, and suggest the appropriate training material.
We aim to provide a hassle-free experience for you. We have different options for conducting the training. We could either provide the training on your premises, or at a location that’s suitable for your convenience.

What shall be the batch size?

Our class strength typically ranges between 10-15 people. We typically recommend that you should have 12 employees from your organization attend one session at a time. This is so that we can give personalized attention to all participants, and ensure that we provide them with “hands on” scenarios.
However, we do understand that there might be specific requirements for larger groups. We can look at these on a case-by-case situation, and structure the training accordingly.

About our Trainers

We have a team of very committed, diligent and professional experts. The trainers who deliver this course are highly skilled and have years of experience conducting this training. They have had to undergo rigorous training, and feedback sessions to qualify as a trainer for this course. We have ensured that they understand and adhere to the high professional training standards that are a hallmark of our organization.

Your Investment

This really depends on the exact training requirements. We are open to customizing the solution, based on your business requirements, and your budget. After a detailed consult with your business, we will provide you with a quotation on the complete solution.

Our Guarantee

We are totally confident about the value we provide you! If you are not satisfied with the quality of training content, or with the trainer performance, we will refund your money! That’s right – a 100% money back guarantee.

Your Next Steps

Please reach out to our office at 9999-317-479 for enquiry. We can have a discussion about your business goals, and the specific training outcomes you are aiming for.


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