Coach Training

Before you think of being a coach, it is important first to answer yourself, what prompts you to become a coach?

Do you have a passion for empowering people?

Or do you have a burning desire to make a difference in the world?

or is it that  you feel that when you look back at your life one day and feel that ‘my life counted, it mattered’


Then yes, you are prepared to embark your journey of being a coach. Our training program will allow you to excel in your existing career or make an entirely new career. It will give you skills that you can use in every aspect of your life.

We do not segregate coaching into different specializations, as we believe that all coaching becomes life coaching after a few sessions. True, good coaches focus on the individual and not on positional expertise. Good coaches transcend limitations of domain expertise and experience.
Our coach training programs helps you to become a ‘Certified Coach’ based on International Coach Federation (“ICF”) core competencies, leading to ICF credentials through 'Portfolio' path.
Who can become a coach?
Although there exists no formal qualification of being a coach, our experience suggests that following categories of people, who show immense interest in being a successful coach, can definitely become one.
  • Leaders in business, leaders in organizations, experts and professionals who have identified coaching as their ‘have to have’ skillsets.
  • Psychologists, financial planners, therapists, teachers, health and wellness professionals or those in other service related careers.
  • People who have caught on the magic of coaching and dream of becoming a professional coach and setting up their own business as a professional coach.
  • People who are interested in their own personal development, who want to coach themselves, who recognize that the first person that you need to coach is you. 
For all programs, we seek to achieve 3 core objectives:
  1. Learning the art and science of coaching
  2. Obtaining Credentials
  3. Discovering oneself in the process..
ICON’s relationship with the participant goes beyond its programs. We consider it to be a life-long support system and believe in creating a co-creative community. 


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