Workplace Mentoring

“Mentoring is to give direction to thought, an ear to listen and a hand to hold…” We are passionate about workplace mentoring!

Yes, we at ICON Training College are passionate when it comes to mentoring employees at workplace.

The current demographic scenario depicts more than 50 percent of work force constituting of employees of less than 30 years of age. This is expected to further move up to 70 percent in next 3 years. Mentoring becomes a necessity and not an option. As a matter of fact, the new dimension of success demands an immediate inclusion of the newly recruited through ‘Employee Mentoring’. A survey of Fortune 500 companies indicated that 96% felt that mentoring was an important Employee Development Tool. More than 71 percent of successful fortune 500 companies swear by this concept, as it helps to deal with most complex human resource challenges, i.e. Workforce Productivity, Morale, Engagement and Retention.
For instance, if it is mentoring of young recruits, we understand that they need to be hand-holded, guided, counselled and listened to, so that they get seamlessly integrated into the main stream of the organization. Similarly depending upon the kind of metoring required, we build a conducive partnership between the Mentor and Mentees for the purposes of sharing their knowledge, insights, experiences and expectations with respect to a particular role, occupation, profession, organization or endeavor.
We consider Mentoring as a developmental process – dynamic and unique which helps organization to achieve its objectives by helping employees to identify and develop their own talents and skills and in the process, creating phenomenol synergy.

Our Online Mentoring… Web Collaboration Solution

We at ICON, well appreciate the concept of being Global, wherein we work globally, yet think locally. We also understand that many of our client’s participants are geographically dispersed, wherein face to face training may not always be the requisite solution, with its attendant logistical issues. However, there is a need to usher in a learning culture in any organization, requiring expert intervention, particularly with the newly recruited employees.
In order to meet the dispersed yet inevitable training, mentoring and coaching needs of the organization, we shall work closely in providing web-based, highly superior and cost effective learning solutions to a progressive organization, like yours! What this means is that you can have a complete access to multiple mentoring solutions that are interactive, learning and result based and using technology that is extremely user-friendly. Mentors and Mentees can enjoy the super flexibility meeting online anytime, anywhere..


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