Induction Training

Concurrent with the recruitment, selection and placement of employees in an organization, there is also a pertinent need to focus on the proper ‘on boarding’ of the employees, particularly the younger ones.

Addressing their impressionable mind-sets in the appropriate way, so as to infuse into them, the enthusiasm for work, sense of belongingness to the organization and fellow feeling is as important as aspects like character building, ethics and integrity. Preparing human capital that is performance centric and building excellent work culture would start from the nascent days of the employees in the organization and probably would be the single most important factor impacting the future of the organization.
Towards this end, ICON Training College is happy to offer its expertise in soft skill training for newly recruited employees. Our time tested and proven system is based on years of cumulative experience shared amongst our trainers. We pride ourselves for successfully unleashing full potential of our trainees through carefully crafted and customized soft skill training and coaching services. We are positive that your newly recruited officers would emerge from our sessions more prepared, confident and motivated than they would have been otherwise.
Besides soft skills, we also have carefully developed various activities & exercises that would foster a sense of belongingness to the organisation and bonding with colleagues. This would help evolve a rich work culture in the long run.

Program Objectives and Embedded Competencies:

Every organization has a unique set of objectives and a unique work culture, which is beyond the specified job description. If it is important for the newly recruited employees to know the system, structure,the policies, rules and regulations of the organization, it is equally critical for them to understand and absorb the organization culture, relate with it and be enthusiastic to put their best efforts towards the progress and development of the organization.
To make this work, we offer a customized induction training program based on the organization’s vision and mission. In the process, few core competencies that are focused and developed are:
  • Effective Communication Skills-Listening, Speaking and Presentation
  • Ownership of Responsibility and Accountability
  • Initiative
  • Problem Solving, Creative and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Teamwork and Team Cohesive Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Stress Management and Personal Effectiveness
  • Customer Service and Marketing

Key Highlights of the Training:

  • Professionally organized and delivered induction training is your new employees’ first proper impression of you and your organization. We will ensure that your employees understand your visions, business goals, values and philosophy; personnel practices, and the job they have been hired to do, with clear methods, timelines and expectations.
  • The training will establish clear foundations and expectations in terms of ethics, integrity, corporate social responsibility.
  • The training will be creative, yet realistic and practical, enabling your employees to deal with situations they are likely to encounter in their job role.

Who Should Attend this Training program?

  • Young Recruits
  • Newly Appointed Employees
  • Any employee who has not attended induction training before

Your Next Steps

Please reach out to our office at 9999-317-479 for enquiry. We can have a discussion about your business goals, and the specific training outcomes you are aiming for.


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