ICON Master Training Modules

Module I:
Introduction to the ICON concept and Assessment tool:
This module will prepare you to deliver the ICON tool, and expose you to the ICON concept and program. The course content includes interpreting the wellness scores and helping clients to identify their Wellness Profile and level of wellness based on scores.
Module II
Understanding and using the ICON profile and analysis report
This module will explore the 8 Levels of Wellness with clients and share how they can improve their wellness profiles. The course content will include, engaging clients in a wellness assessment. Understanding and using the wellness profile.
Module III
Facilitating Wellness Conversations with groups
This module is designed for preparing to facilitate wellness groups and gathering. Offering wellness retreats… It includes facilitating wellness conversations and wellness group exercises. Fishbowl and one-on-one.
Module IV
Building your wellness business stream of income with ICON
This module includes defining your wellness coaching niche. Selling yourself and engaging prospective clients. Learning client’s interest and inviting clients to attend wellness conversations, gatherings and exploration sessions. It also includes reaching past clients and recurring income through wellness conversations.