ICON Certified Coach Training Program (ICCP) – Courses

60 credits hours, 10 mentor Coaching Hours and 48 hours of practicum.


Our courses are designed to help you learn and develop the core coaching competencies. Each course is three credit hours and lasts for three hours. The coaching industry is growing by billions of dollars every year. Get ready with our world-class certification to meet the growing demands.


  • Fundamentals of Coaching: (ICCP01)
This course shall introduce you to the world of coaching, understanding its meaning, relevance in present context and your role as a coach. It will also highlight the uniqueness of coaching as compared with other psychosocial processes. It will also expand to coaching as a profession, Code of Ethics, ICF Competencies and as a process for self-awareness.
Special Note: This Fundamentals of Coaching Course is a prerequisite for all the courses that we offer.
  • Establishing Coaching Agreement: (ICCP02)
This course will initiate the practical aspects of coaching, beginning from establishing the coaching plan, aspects to cover in the chemistry meeting with the client, how to initiate first coaching session and future sessions. It will also include sample coaching scripts and coaching agreements for you to start with the coaching journey.
  • Building Trust and Intimacy through Coaching: (ICCP03)
This course will explore the meaning, ingredients, significance and skills required to build trust in coaching and other interpersonal relationships. This will also expand to building relationship boundaries, maintaining and developing coaching relationships and how to rebuild trust.
  • Building Power of Listening with Coaching: (ICCP04)
This course dwells deep into the power of listening and its role in life and building relationships. It also includes the listening skills required of a coach to build effective coaching relationship and the tool required for active listening to enhance your coaching session and conversations.

  • The Art and Science of Powerful Questioning in Coaching: (ICCP05)
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. This course on Powerful Coaching Questions will explore the power of powerful questions, dimensions of a powerful questions and the art of asking powerful questions in coaching thus helping the clients to explore their inner selves.
  • Coaching Presence- Creating Space for Personal Insight: (ICCP06)
Coaching allows for insights and awareness that leads to reflections and action. This course will examine insights and explore the art of creating insights that lead to reflections in coaching.
This will also help you to understand the meaning and impact of coach’s presence throughout the coaching process.
  • Fine Art of Direct Communication in Coaching: (ICCP07)
If interpersonal relationships are the vehicle, than effective communication is an essential fluid to keep the vehicle moving. This course will help the you to develop and use direct communication skills with finesse and expertise.
  • Creating Awareness Through Coaching: (ICCP08)
This course will explore about how the coachee becomes witness to his thoughts and how awareness blossoms during the coaching session. This will also extend to coach’s self-awareness and his role in creating awareness in client.
  • Coaching Designing Actions: (ICCP09)
This course explores the developmental nature of coaching, exploring how coaching can be used to design action steps by the client and what role can coach play during, between and beyond the coaching sessions. This will also include the challenges in designing actions and how to overcome the same.  
  • Setting Growth Mindset with Coaching (ICCP10)
This course will explore the nature of goals, the art of goal setting, the reasons we set and fail at reaching goals and how coaching furthers successful goal attainment.
This will also include goal setting techniques and nuances of planning and goal setting in coaching.
  • Managing Progress and Accountability in Coaching: (ICCP11)
Accountability is a highly sought after skill that can be enhanced in the coaching session. Responsibility grows from ownership. This course will explore how to improve and foster accountability in coaching and will also  provide a framework for increasing awareness action and responsibility in the coaching relationship.

  • Creating Your Coaching Model: (ICCP12)
This is a unique course that helps you to carve your unique niche in the field of coaching. You will learn about designing your coaching model based on ICF Competencies and also some other well-established coaching models, such as GROW.
  • Roots Underlying Coaching: (ICCP13)
This course explores the history of coaching and the theoretical perspectives that play a part in how coaching is being used and practiced.
This will also include coaching theories and how the same get connected with real life scenarios.
  • Barriers to Coaching: (ICCP14)
Often as important as what a good coach does is what a good coach doesn’t do. There are a number of pitfalls that even the most experienced coach might fall into that could potentially impair the effectiveness of the coaching. This course explore both internal and external barriers to coaching and how to overcome them.
  • Coaching and Reframing Perspectives (ICCP15)
Most all of us find ourselves, at some point in our lives, looking to change. But there is an innate resisitance than can be overcome by looking at things from a different perspective. This course will explore that how coaching can work as a remarkable process that allows you to do just that. This will also include exploring strategies for changing perspective, examining thoughts, and false beliefs to change mindset for positive results. 


  • Coaching and Choosing beliefs (ICCP16)
History is full of men and women who defied the odds and overcame seemingly immovable obstacles to reach their goals. What is it that makes some people create history and not all. This course will explore about our belief systems. How our beliefs shape us, where do they come from and how we can change our disempowering beliefs?
  • Coaching and Intuition (ICCP17)
Intuition is an important but unrecognized part of our lives. Most of us constantly receive its messages but choose to ignore them. Intuition is an essential skill of a coach. This course will explore more about its role in our life, how can we recognize and develop and how to deal with the practical aspects of intuition.
  • Effective Feedback in Coaching: (ICCP18)
Coaching feedback is essential to expanding the client’s thought process, awareness and insight. This course will help you practice and mature your coaching feedback skills.

  • Coaching the Co-creative Relationships: (ICCP19) 
We have all seen signs of how supportive interaction with others can make a great difference to our view and to the outcome of situations in our lives. This course will include the skills required to build cocreative relationships between the coach and the client by using key components of Commitment, Attitude and Resources.
  • Coaching Values & Value Alignment: (ICCP20)
Values are an instrumental part of coaching. This course will help the learner understand and explore different values, and how values determine our choices and actions.

  • Coaching through Limiting Habits and Patterns (ICCP21) 
Coaching is a process that allows clients to become aware of limiting habits and patterns that may be holding them back. This course will explore the art and practice of transforming limiting patterns with new positive ones.
  • Coaching Conversations: (ICCP22)
Human relationships are complex negotiations and exchanges of ideas, when put in the framework of coaching it takes on more depth and meaning. This course will help you learn to transform your regular conversations into coaching conversations to inspire new thinking and actions.