Executive Leadership Training

No amount of technology can ever substitute the virtues of human intervention. The new age customer has rising expectations by way of both products and services. Customers are more knowledgeable, demanding, analytical and aware of their rights. In such a scenario wherein Customers Need and Value for Money have become predominant, the organization needs fly-wheel efforts to get the dramatic results.
We at ICON Training College understand this need and therefore impart specialized training to corporate staff through a combination of innovative and tested training programmes on emotional intelligence, accountability, external orientation, planning, leadership and motivation. Our topics are highly relevant, pragmatic and based on the exact industry needs. Nevertheless, we further work with you to customize the contents and topics based on your needs and understanding.

Program Objectives and Embedded Competencies:

Employees are the core asset of any organization. Skills enhancement and training employees to reach their core potential is one of the most important responsibilities of any organization. To make this work, we offer a customized Employee Development training program based on their specific interest and needs of the organisation. In the process, few core competencies that are focused and developed are:
  • Creating Winning Teams
  • Developing Business and Handling Critical Customers Skills
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making Skills
  • Overcoming Silos Culture
  • Change Management
  • Ethics and Values
  • Time Management

Training Style

  • Trainee-centered
  • Accelerated learning
  • Learning by doing
  • Emphasis on application
  • Peer-learning
  • Individual/Team activities
  • Supported/Supplemented by Visuals, Exercises and Reading Material

Here are a few key highlights of our training program:

  • Employees are involved in every stage of the process, starting from where they think there exists skill gaps.. knowledge gaps.. and what are their potential learning needs. This helps us to customize the training content based on their specific needs.
  • Employees are involved in goal setting for themselves and the organization. The bottom up approach blended with top down support.
  • The program provides a practical and problem-solving approach.
  • Employees’ previous work experience and expertise are used as a foundation and as a resource for further development
  • Participants are given an opportunity to reinforce what they learn by practicing simulated real life scenarios.
  • The learning environment is informal and participative, yet equally organized and well-structured.

Who Should Attend this Training program?

  • First Time Leaders
  • Employees at different levels.
  • Any individual who is a seeker and is keen on self-development
  • Employees wanting to improve performance in work place.

Your Next Steps

Please reach out to our office at 9999-317-479 for enquiry. We can have a discussion about your business goals, and the specific training outcomes you are aiming for.


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