Employee Development Training

When was the last time we asked ourselves that ‘Why are we doing it this way’? When did we question our status-quo existence and decided to create the Future, Manage the present and selectively forget the Past? When did we finally realize that it is ‘I’ who has to initiate the change and ‘We’ to share the credit?

Leadership can be hard to define and it means different things to different people. We all carry a self-protecting framework of beliefs and limitations that keep us disconnected from our fundamental purpose, innate strengths, and gifts. Organizationally, we need level-5 leaders to make the organization’s progress from Good to Great companies. Nevertheless it is not about successful companies, it is all about successful leadership which is next co-related to creating successful teams.
We at ICON understand this and therefore progressively work towards it. Our Leadership Development Program/ Executive Development Program is designed on the unique proposition of leaders first being aware of themselves and then taking the best out of team and investing in the long term progress of the organization. In the process, transitioning from Transactional to Transformational Leaders! Our program is designed to break the participants free from the barriers of their self-imposed limits and reconnect deeply to their most alive and authentic self. We would work together in exploring and working towards Executive Mindset so as to bring the best out of them- The Level five virtues.

Program Objectives and Embedded Competencies:

This program is designed to increase the business skills and leadership capabilities of functional or work stream managers and who are likely to form the pool of future top leadership of the organization. This training program is filled with examples, tools, and the most innovative models and approaches designed to develop managers into successful leaders. We understand that the corporate world these days is dynamic and complicated. Our training program focuses on elevating managers to leaders who have an ambitious vision for themselves and their organization.
  • Building Executive Mindset
  • Being Emotionally Intelligent: Self and Social Mastery
  • Building Teams: Vision to Action
  • Communication Skills: Establishing Trust, Confidence and Presence
  • Decision Making: Co Create and Co-Own
  • Building Brand
  • Ownership of Responsibility
  • Ethics and work culture

Key Highlights of the program:

  • It uses a highly interactive and blended approach of class-room training, group discussion, role playing, and public speaking.
  • It also puts you in touch with experts from different industries and regions, allowing you to collaborate with the best minds in the industry.
  • It will help you think strategically, and make more effective and quicker decisions.
  • It helps you understand organizational dynamics and helps you to improve the design and implementation of new initiatives in the company.
  • It helps you build strong cross functional, and cross border teams.
  • It helps you test your skills in a real life simulation and exercises.
  • It helps you to become self accountable and evolve an executive mindset.

Who Should Attend this Training program?

  • Functional Heads
  • Middle Level Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Prospective Leaders

Your Next Steps

Please reach out to our office at 9999-317-479 for enquiry. We can have a discussion about your business goals, and the specific training outcomes you are aiming for.


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