Effective Mentors

Mentoring is a journey that mentors and mentees embark on together and both have a responsibility to create a committed, mutually beneficial relationship. Throughout this journey, mentor will help mentee to arrive at desired destination called… professional excellence.
Being a Mentor is about being a Guide, supporter and facilitator, who would not only make mentees comfortable, but also, bring the best out of them. It involves offering wisdom and advice and helping the mentee to progress. Workplace Mentoring is based on a partnership that involves giving both support and challenging opportunities to employees. It facilitates sharing of knowledge, expertise, skills, insights and experiences through dialogue and collaborative learning.
What can you expect our Mentors to be Like?
We believe in impating quality through sustained efforts. Our mentors are committed to the cause of helping the mentees and act as catalyst towards the organizational growth. Towards this, you can expect our mentors to have the following qualities:
ICON Mentors
  • Genuine interest
  • Sensitivity to other’s needs and development
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Commitment
  • Confidentiality
  • Excellent coaching and feedback skills, being both accredited and experienced
Our Mentor’s Role:
  • Help the mentee identify their position and role in the organization and professional environment
  • Willingness to help the mentee through difficult situations
  • Work with the mentee to develop his/her self-confidence
  • Ensure communications are clear, open and reciprocal
  • Help develop creative and independent thinking
  • Build a cordial & warm relationship based on trust and guardianship with the mentees.
  • Work as a bridge between the mentee and the executives in the organisation for conflict resolution, as also, for identifying talent.
  • Maintain confidentiality


“One good Mentor can be more informative than a college education and more valuable than a decade’s income” – Sean Stephenson