Effective Mentees

Effective Mentees
“Those who seek mentoring will rule the great expanse under heaven”
                                          Chu Chang, Chinese Book of History, Circa sixth century B.C
The power of mentoring has been recognized throughout the ages. Your company believes in you and in the power of mentoring and has chosen to sponsor you in this unique, rewarding experience. The opportunity to develop a relationship with a highly successful and effective mentor is a privilege open to only a few. Those who take the maximum advantage of this opportunity will indeed “rule the great expanse under heaven.”
Our past experiences and mentor’s feedback confirm that the best mentoring partnerships occur when mentees:
Respect the commitments made during the mentoring relationships: This respect is manifested by being on time for sessions, following through on action items, and acknowledging the mentors dedication and support.
Participate fully in the program:  Commitment to the program and peers is essential if you are to reap the real benefits of mentoring experience.
Assume responsibility for the partnership: The responsibility for managing the mentoring partnership clearly belongs to the mentee. The best mentoring experiences occur when mentees take ownership for their growth, invest in the partnership and create a vision for their journey of discovery.
Are open to new ideas: the purpose of mentoring experience is to open mentees to new possibilities and perspectives. The best mentees are willing to consider new ideas and recognize that growth can sometimes be uncomfortable. We want them to come to the program willing to learn and not expecting to be taught.
Make honest communication a priority: Communication is the key to success of this partnership. Mentees have responsibility for accepting and encouraging honest feedback from their mentors and for providing same kind of feedback to their mentoring partnership.         
What do we expect our Mentees to be like?
We expect our mentees to be both excited and willing to work in a Mentoring Relationship. We understand that mentees shall also be keen on their personal growth and professional development. Their commitment to learn and acquire new skills shall act as wings to their creative thoughts. Mentees must have:
  • Strong commitment to learning and acquiring new skills

  • Communicate openly and honestly with the mentor

  • Willing to take risks as part of the learning process

  • Keep commitments agreed to with their mentor

  • Make good use of time spent with the mentor

  • Be trustworthy and maintain confidentiality