Customized Client Solutions

Just as your organisation is unique, you often need unique solutions to training needs. ICON Training College offers custom client solutions ranging from assessing the training needs, interacting with the participants and management, identifying the gaps, preparing the curriculum, imparting training, conducting post training evaluations and working on inputs for the next training and finally giving the desired ROI to the organization.. we take it as a turnkey project!

ICON Training College customized solutions:

  • Solves your unique training problems or opportunities aimed at specific audiences, industries, skill-sets, and environments
  • Improves learning retention and skills application by incorporating your own customized case studies, exercises, co-branding, and graphics
  • Uses adult-learning principles and accelerated learning methods to create excitement and ensure that the learning endures
  • Changes behavior, resulting in consistent achievement of desired results
At ICON Training College we constantly strive for continued learning and development. Since there are not only the exact white and black areas of life but many other colors which need to be explored and sensitized, we therefore conduct some special programmes which cut all barriers of organizations, departments and industries. They rather flow generically and become the need for one and all. We conduct some special programs, meant for masses with the sole objective of benefitting the organization and Society as a whole.
  • Training for Differently Abled Employees
  • Women Empowerment-Truth or Myth?
  • Self Exploration-My Relationship with Self
  • Employee engagement
  • Assessment centres


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