Core Competencies

We at ICON coaching believe and practice in taking each step towards transformation for betterment… While following the competencies as laid down by the highest standards credentialed body like ICF, ICON also focuses on self-awareness and spiritual alignment practices that add meaning and depth to participants life.
Our courses have been categorized in a manner that identifies and develops core human competencies. We keep working towards this end by developing and updating our curriculum regularly in response to human dynamism. Our training program allows participants to explore the various aspects of the coaching like a wheel, where each spoke is important to make the wheel spin. Our different courses highlighting few competencies are mentioned below: 









  • Core Coaching

  • Agreements

  • Setting Goals

  • Trust and Intimacy

  • Active Listening

  • Powerful Questioning

  • Progress and Accountability

  • Feedback

  • Truth and Discovery

  • Action Steps

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Performance

  • Wellness