May 6, 2016

Lead Nurturing

What do you do after you make initial contact with a prospect? Do you, your Real Estate ISA or office […]

What do you do after you make initial contact with a prospect? Do you, your Real Estate ISA or office assistant follow up right away? Do you have a consistent plan over time that schedules follow-up calls or messages in a consistent manner to build familiarity and keep you top-of-mind?

We all know that much of business is based on relationships. Initial contact is important but what you do after that is equally if not even more so. Building that relationship is extremely important because you want to ensure that when your prospect (lead) is finally ready to make a major decision, they turn to you.

Today, we have means beyond the telephone to reach people. You or your virtual assistant can utilize various channels and touch lives via different forms (marketing mediums):

  1. Social Media: This may be one of the best ways to keep a relationship with your leads without being intrusive. Add them on Facebook, like or comment on their posts, send them personal messages, answer or re-tweet them on Twitter, follow their Pinterest boards. Use these channels to find out what interests them. Go that extra mile and beyond posting for your own pages, interact with the activity of your contacts.Social Media is a great way to nurture and build that relationship actively. You can highlight certain people and have your in-house or real estate virtual assistant reach out in some way daily via social Media, the possibilities are endless.
  2. Newsletters: Do you have a lot of awesome articles and content that you post on your blog? Do you have monthly events or charities that you do work for? Share them in a monthly newsletter! If you or someone in your team is dedicated to creating content for your website/blog, putting little teasers or sharing some of the information you have to share on a newsletter will help keep your prospects up to date and may even pique their interest in visiting your site. Make sure to brand your content and to highlight what you and your business are all about. You can dedicate a member of your team, say your virtual assistant, to creating such material.
  3. Digests: If you want to distribute or raise awareness, much like a newsletter, but want things a bit simpler, a digest may be your thing. A digest will zoom in on the highlights of your material or can be more of a description and list of links to interesting or important information you want to share. This is ideal for people who may not have time to read an entire newsletter. You can also share content and information from other sources if you feel it will benefit your audience or if it has made an impact on you that you would like others to know about. Make it enticing and dynamic to encourage your recipients to engage.
  4. E-Mails: There are many different formats and kinds of emails you can send to your leads. Some can be personal notes from you, asking about them and asking if they want to schedule a call or meeting any time soon. Your administrative or virtual assistant can send out email campaigns like promotional emails announcing a special promotion or service you may be offering. You can send out specialized emails for the holidays, announcing your business’ anniversary or something similar. Are the Olympics around the corner? Or another major event, sporting related or otherwise? Use this as a springboard for a promotional campaign and capitalize on the mass interest that the event may generate. You can also send out a transactional email or a thank you email, if you noticed that they filled out a survey you proliferated or you saw that they visited your social media pages or website. Show your leads that you appreciate their engagement. In a year, you should send out at least 5 emails to your leads, make sure you make them as personalized as possible and that you compose them in such a way that your emails don’t simply end up in the trash folder.
  5. Follow-Through: Whatever way you decide to nurture your leads, consistency and persistence is key. Dropping the ball may lead you to lose that relationship. Our business is not just about making the sale. What you do helps people and makes a difference in families’ lives. Treat all your leads equally and make them feel that you care and want to help them out. Every time you make a connection with a lead, it matters, they can tell the difference between someone who truly cares and someone who just wants to close a deal. Even after you’ve closed the deal, following up on your clients and how they are doing may make all the difference when they need to make another major decision that may require someone like you.

At the end of the day, you will need to figure out what works best for you. It does take a lot of work but in the end it is always worth it. If you need help optimizing your website and growing your business, schedule a free consultation now & learn now Agency Digital Marketing can help!

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