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Its all about RESULTS, PERFORMANCE and COMMITMENT that an organization expects from its employees. And its all about RETURNS, REWARDS and DEVELOPMENT that an employee expects from the organization.
Here at ICON Training College we serve as a linking pin between the organization and people’s expectations. Our key focus is getting the very best from your team in order to enhance your business results.
Just like you, we also understand that your people are your most important asset.

That is why we custom tailor proven programs for you to get your people…

  • Working at their very best
  • Being productive and happy
  • Well trained with the right skills to drive your business objectives

The impact of our engagement ensures:

  • Improved customer service & Happier customers
  • New customers and business
  • Meeting and exceeding your business objectives
  • And ultimately improving your bottom line

Here’s how we do…

Our Unique Combination:

We at ICON today well understand and appreciate the diverse human needs of development, which can come in different forms and contexts. Identifying such unique needs, we have a multi-dimensional approach which is not restricted to traditional training. We also specialize in:
  • Workplace Mentoring
  • Individual and Group Coaching and
  • Customized Corporate Trainings.

Workplace Mentoring:

ICON Training College is pioneer in India to provide online Workplace Mentoring to large corporate houses on a unique concept of ‘Quest to Grow’. This model provides a unique platform wherein the mentees identify their areas of learning and development, and the Mentors help them not only to work on those areas, but also to explore new areas and reach their zenith. In the process, the mentors handhold, guide, counsel and support the mentees which helps the young recruits to seamlessly integrate into the mainstream of the organization. Consequently, mentees develop and enhance their knowledge, skills, performance and commitment towards the organization. Our Mentors are exceptionally passionate, empathetic, emotionally intelligent besides being domain experts. Mentees feel connected, wanted, secured and relaxed in sharing their concerns, doubts and fears with their mentors which overall creates an environment of trust, cooperation and progressive learning.

Coaching: Hire a Coach/Become a Coach

Coaching comes in a variety of flavours, but the overarching goal is to help you be the very best version of yourself as a leader, executive, and a wholesome person. What makes us unique is our unwavering focus on your advancement and success as you define it… a definition that usually evolves. Coaching is an extremely intricate passion, which is very well woven in the hearts, minds and souls of coaches at ICON Training College!
Whether you want a coach who can help you get results like greater productivity, faster promotions, bigger profits or to help you have deeper learning’s about yourself, how you are perceived and where you can improve. Alternatively, if you yourself want to become a coach and take it as a profession and passion to help and contribute to the society at large, we are pleased to welcome you, both ways.
Interestingly, coaching creates a space to hear your own voice, awareness of your own perspectives, beliefs and attitudes that might be holding you back. It will provide clarity on your values and what you stand for, which leads to greater conviction. A coach will give you support and confidence to ‘lean in’ and make bold moves. Will help you to become aware of your blind spots and also support you to improve your specific skills, fill your gaps and lead a wholesome life.

Customized Corporate Soft Skills Trainings:

Unique to your organization, our customized training programs can be designed in close alignment with your company's specific business goals. Initiating a company-specific training program demonstrates your organization’s commitment to growth and learning, and encourages professional development while contributing to increasing employee retention.
ICON Training College offers a powerful and unique integration of knowledge, experience and resources. True to our motto, ‘Quest to Grow’ our custom programs give participants an opportunity to apply ICON-developed frameworks to actual problems and opportunities, both in the classroom and back at their organization. This deep level of collaboration results in learning experiences that produce measurable and sustainable change.

The ICON Advantage – A Unique Approach to Produce Guaranteed Results

Over the years we have succeeded in creating a reputation in the Corporate arena and with our expertise in Training, Coaching and Mentoring different participants from varied industries and backgrounds. We feel confident to share that we have been able to gain the trust, respect and cooperation of various organisations and business conglomerates to handle the crucial function of developing their ‘human capital’.

Here’s how we make it happen…

Accelerated Learning: Firstly, all of our training programs are carefully designed using the principles of Accelerated Learning. This breakthrough method means that not only do your people learn new skills fast but they keep and apply those new skills. Accelerated Learning Delivers Fast Results. In the last 25-30 years, we’ve discovered more about how the human brain works than in all the time before that.The technology of Accelerated Learning takes these scientific discoveries and applies them in a Proven System for learning that gets results Fast, Reliably and Permanently.
In turn, at ICON Training College we have taken the science of Accelerated Learning and designed soft skills training programs based on these principles. The improvement in results is dramatic. Research has shown that only around 10% of information is retained from reading alone. That increases to 30% with listening and 50% when multimedia is involved. But becomes a full 80% when people are actively involved and practice is incorporated into the learning process!
So, typically the results from the ICON system of training are at least 60% greater than even the very best conventional lecture-style training.
And we’re not satisfied to stop there. Every year brings new advances in neuro-science and we continually update our training programs to incorporate new discoveries.
Programs Tailored Specifically To Meet Your Goals: Your company faces unique challenges…and opportunities. “Cookie-cutter” and “Off-the-shelf” training programs simply aren’t going to get the results you need and the competitive edge you seek. That’s why your training program is carefully designed to take account of your organisation’s unique circumstances and specific goals. And we take this further with careful attention to the individual needs of your staff who attend the training. Everyone has a particular learning style that suits him best and our programs make sure that all can enjoy and benefit from the training.
And after the training, there’s a thorough follow-up review to make sure you’ve got the training you wanted.
High and consistent standards for Coaches:Mentors:Trainers.High performance learning programs require top-notch trainers for maximum results. Every one of our trainer, mentor & coach is a specialist in their area and they have all had to complete a rigorous program to qualify as one of our team. We make use of highly sophisticated techniques and are a practical application of the latest advances in neuro-science.
Your staff who attend the training most likely won’t be aware of all this. What they will experience will be an enjoyable, satisfying…even fun…event where they will gain new, practical skills and knowledge they can apply straight away.
All of our trainers are specialists in their fields. In addition they have all had to qualify in our intensive Train the Trainer program before joining us. That makes sure they meet our extremely high professional training standards and ensures every course is consistent in quality and content.
All of our trainers are dynamic, friendly, people-people who have years of experience and are highly skilled in using interactive teaching techniques and accelerated learning principles.

You will not find a comparable group of such skilled professionals anywhere else.

And this is all…

Backed Up With A 100% Guarantee

So that you can be completely confident in your decision to invest in any one of our training programs, you get a full guarantee to protect your investment. Both you and the delegates who attend the training must feel happy with both the course itself and the trainer. In the unlikely event that is not the case, you will receive a prompt and courteous refund of your investment in FULL.

That’s how confident we are in our ability to deliver results for you!

And here are few organisations who have been thrilled and delighted with the results they have enjoyed from investing in one of the ICON Training College’s programs …